Certified natural ingredient that protects your face from unwanted microorganisms. 

Quick Facts

Mild on skin, strong against bacteria

Clinically tested and safe

No animal testing

Certified Organic (Ecocert, Cosmos, and Natural Products Association)

Certified Natural

Free of GMOs and Phthalates

What does it do?

Dermatological data show that Activated Microsilver improves the appearance of healthy skin and promotes regeneration. It acts as supportive skincare for stressed, irritated, and inflamed skin. Trials have shown efficacy in supporting people suffering from atopic dermatitis, acne, rosacea, and other skin conditions. Results show an improved skin barrier, and strengthened resilience against daily environmental challenges.

Excessive growth of skin flora bacteria is considered a major factor for the development of acne. 

Atopic Dermatitis is the recurrent inflammatory skin condition associated with dry skin and itching and it cannot be cured. However with proper skin care, symptoms can be reduced. Activated Microsilver enhances skin moisture, soothes disrupted skin flora, and provides notable reduction of the inflamed skin areas. Significant improvements in the most severe symptoms of 102 neurodermatitis patients were identified following treatment with a cream containing 0.1% Activated Microsilver.  93% of the patients were able to discontinue the use of cortisol creams. 

Activated Microsilver Face Cream contains 0.3% Activated Microsilver.

Rosacea is a non-curable inflammatory skin condition in which bacteria and local inflamed skin areas play a role. Activated Microsilver cream has demonstrated a considerable improvement in skin appearance and reduced symptoms

How is it made?

Activated Microsilver is created from silver with greater than 99.99% purity through an environmentally-friendly process. No chemicals are added during the microparticle process, resulting in highly pure, certified natural, and safe microparticle silver. 

Note: these are not silver nanoparticles otherwise known as colloidal silver. 

What's the difference between microparticle and nanoparticle silver? 

Activated Microsilver consists of pure silver microparticles that stays only on the surface of the skin, releasing silver ions to remove unwanted microorganisms. Nanoparticle silver is small enough to penetrate and get absorbed through the skin, which is potentially toxic in large amounts. 

How does it work? 

As Activated Microsilver is applied to your skin, the silver microparticles cling and stay on the surface of your skin to form depots and provide long term broad spectrum antimicrobial effect. The depots generate silver ions that are well researched to destroy unwanted microorganisms. Silver ions inactivate crucial structures on the bacterial surface that are key to bacteria vitality. Activated Microsilver Face Cream promotes healthy skin and improves the natural skin condition.

B & C is directly after application
D and E is 2 hours after application